Where will you go in the USA

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1. WASHINGTON D.C - Amercan capital

First, we will go to Washington D.C. Once We know the United States well for American politices, culture, science, military history for the historical Museum where you can see the 'United states' will go on. With regard to the United States and will go to see the 'waghinton monument'.

Tarvel for fun and we will look at the performances from the Kennedy Center.

And travel to the most important shopping and delicious food will go to Georgetown.

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Washington DC Tour


Second, We will go to Miami. We will go to the beautiful beaches of Miami. We will send a lovely day at the beach. We swim and enjoy a pleasant weather to get the next yacht Miami's beautiful seaview.

Then watch CNN in Miami and will enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

At night, We will compete in the quieter beaches.

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Miami - City by the Ocean