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For EDPC 605 Keystone

Themes and Essential Questions

SW analyze the class theme and essential questions for the play "Pygmalion."

EQ - What influences impact the development of identity? How?

Common Core aligned standard:

Determine and analyze theme


What does "class" mean to you? Give an example of someone you know that has "class." Why do you think this person has class?

Mini lesson:

Refresher on class theme - Personal development through relationships

Discuss relationships in play

Course EQs

What is identity? How does identity develop? What influences impact the development of identity? How? How do specific relationships impact identity positively and negatively?


How is Eliza trying to develop? Why?

Who is in what class? How do we know? What evidence can you find in the play to support that?

Class reading as play

Appearance Vs Reality discussion


Post up the word social class. Students would then write what social class means to them and or words they associate with class. This can be done as an in class parking lot. For a virtual parking lot Padlet can be used. See tutorial below.

Padlet turtorial

Student practice:

How do we see these things today? Why do these distinctions exist?

Additional exercise:

Students can select a person from a class and act like them. This can also be done virtually with the use of a voki. Students who do not want to act out or just prefer to can create a voki.

Things to consider:

Do you think first impressions are important? Why or why not? What impression do you hope to leave on people you meet? How do you leave that impression?


What Question could we apply to what we discussed today? Why? Answer it

Share outs.


Continue "What is class to you?" on padlet


Common topic discussion

voki option for those who don't want to perform in class

Padlet discussion for those who don't want to speak in person.

Character Development

Aim: SW analyze how Shaw presents and develops his characters.

Common core aligned standard:

Analyze characters


Fill out a STEAL chart based on one of the characters.

Says Thinks Effect on others Acts Looks

How can you tell if a person has high morals?

Mini lesson

Share outs and STEAL refresher if needed.

Exercise - STEAL chart on Thinglink

Students can continue adding to them throughout the play

Thinglink Tutorial

Continue reading as play

Morality discussion for each character as it comes in reading

"Keeping Liza" discussion

TPS or small group discussion on how Shaw presents his character and how their morality adds to the plot

Share outs


Create a Smore to promote Eliza's Flower shop or Higgin's speech lessons

Non tech option - See me for character in a box


Apply aim (share outs of TPS or small group discussion)

How are identity and morality connected?

What are some things people would include in a smore about themselves.


Continue working on your smore


SW create arguments for which character developed most throughout the play.

Common core aligned standard:

Writing arguments


What is a relationship that had a positive impact on you and helped form who you are today?

Mini lesson:

share outs

How do people show that they truly changed?

Argumentative writing refresher

review of rubric

Independent work:

Create a position statement

Search for evidence to support your position (at least 5).


Post you evidence on padlet. Find further supporting evidence for at least one and refute another.

NOTE: Follows argumentative plan from that is in the first smore.

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