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The Mystery That is Nina K

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5ive For Friday

1. Nina K- For some reason we talk about the Kennedy family at length...this is also the interview in which "dude" is said more often than any other word. Nina is cool. Nina is wise beyond her years. Nina will inspire you to "just do it dude".

- Wait, what? You have a secret last name? How do you spell that?

- What people would be surprised to learn about her

- Where she grew up

- This old house

- Was school easy?

- Sports

- College

- Saturday

- Essential oils- Donna

- Then we get off track talking about Camelot for a while...it actually ties in with why she does what she does

- Relax will ya

- North Texas is not pretty

- Camping

- Thailand and Katie Blackwell

- Ancient City

- Faroe Islands

- Dubai and Tom Cruise and That Movie

- Inspiration--we drift back into the Kennedy family

- The Sixth Floor Museum

- Teaching

- "Love Does" by "This Old Dude"

- Invisible Children


- Proud teaching moment

- Being humbled

- Her mom

- Way back to 2011

- The time her Dad was away

- Fate vs. Free Will

- Choose happy


- Just Do It

- Say yes


Next week Danielle Gilmour and I get nostalgic about Minnesota on the podcast. You'll need a winter coat just to listen to it.

2. Shout Out: 4th Grade: So awesome to see an entire team reaching out and taking risks. Mrs. Garcia was using an assessment on the iPad to check for understanding, Mrs. Blackwell using chromebooks to further a lesson, Mrs. Turner being creative to foster her students writing, Mrs. Gilmour had students excited to use protractors (the nerd in me loved every second of it as I keep a protractor in my desk just in case I ever need to figure out an angle), and Mrs. Damm was a model for a colleague as they shadowed her during reading instruction. Well done 4th Grade!

3. Ponder this: "Riches have shut off many a man from the attainment of wisdom." --Seneca

4. Source of inspiration: Neil deGrasse Tyson. This guy is just cool...and smart...really, really smart. I've dabbled a bit in his podcast lately and not only is it nerdy (which I love) but entertaining, funny, and I spend more time looking at the night sky because of him. The podcast is called StarTalk Radio, it is good for the nerd in you!

5. Lou update: Green Belt achieved. Louis scored nearly a perfect score during the 3 hour test and even broke a board on his first kick. He is not quite ninja level yet but he is a green belt so watch out!

Neil deGrasse Tyson...he is just cool

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