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December 2015/January 2016

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Half-Way There!

The second semester is upon us. Give yourselves a pat on the back! You've made it through the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year. Today, Jan. 11, students begin with a fresh, clean slate. Start off strong. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure your 2nd Semester is a SUCCESS.

  • Take time each weekend to schedule your days. Whether you schedule for one week at a time, 2 weeks or the entire month. When you set a Daily Schedule you are more apt to stay on task and not lose sight of what assignments need to be accomplished. This will keep you from getting behind.
  • Write that Daily Schedule down. Tech Guru or Paper Person, do what works for you.
  • Make goals. Better grades? Attend more outings? Whatever your goal may be, jot that down and keep your eye on the prize!

These might seem like simple tips but when put in place students have a higher rate of success. As a bonus to this, check out the article link on "Setting Your Kids Up for Success".

Head Over To The Island

Study Island helps students practice and master grade-level academic standards. Teachers will also place assignments in Study Island. Be sure to check your grade-level and teachers' assignments & requirements for Study Island.
Students log into Study Island using their student ID number in this convention: 12345@arva and using the password: arva.

Making a Plan for Sick Days & Snow Days

Part of the beauty of our virtual learning environment is that we don't have to worry about our child being under the weather and not able to "walk in to school". Why? Because even when they have the dreaded "BUG" they can usually still muster enough energy to do some work for the day, even if it's just tucked into bed with the current literature novel. On the down side to being in the virtual world, we DON'T GET SNOW DAYS..... Bummer, I know! But here's a plan for you.

  • Work steadily on the school work placed before you by your teachers.
  • Work ahead when it is made available to you and approval given by your teachers.
  • "Bank Hours"- give credit where credit is due. When your child is involved in a learning experience, those are supplemental hours. Log them!

By doing these 3 easy steps you will easily have a day or two of cushion for when your child becomes ill or IT SNOWS!!! :)

The Arkansas Department of Health is offering Mass Flu Clinics across the state. Click here for a link to the listing of clinics by county.

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Student Enrichment Activity Calendar

Click here to see what's happening around Arkansas!

Shining Like A Diamond

Keep a look out for ARVA Diamonds shining in different ways all across the state!

Jingle the Elf

One of our 1st grade Diamonds paid a visit to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers during the Holiday Season. She went around spreading a little Christmas Cheer while people were enjoying their Christmas Dinner. Avery Golden is in Mrs. Cordel's 1st Grade Class.

Calling ALL High School Artists!

Governor and Mrs. Hutchinson have announced the 2016 Governor's Young Artist Exhibit Competition, in conjunction with the Governor's Mansion Association. Beginning January 4, 2016, high school students from across the state are invited to submit their artwork based on the 2016 theme, BRIDGES.

Facing challenges is a part of life. Challenges may be physical, emotional, cultural, personal, institutional, or in the area of communications. What challenges do we face in everyday life, or in the world around us? Where are the barriers? What might be the bridges? Here are a few prompts that students may want to consider:

1. What may be a barrier that prevents movement, understanding, or connection?

2. What means, connections, or structures can bridge obstacles or create new pathways?

3. Where can bridges be found? When can bridges find you?

All entries must be received no later that 6 p.m. February 26, 2016.

Click Here For an Entry Form.

Planning for Title I Schoolwide Status in the High School

As many of you know, ARVA has received Title I funds over the past several years which has allowed students to have access to various programs and resources. Our K-8 schools are classified as Title I schoolwide. The high school is currently classified as a Targeted Title I school. This means only targeted students benefit from the provisions allowed under Title I. When we achieve schoolwide status, all students will have access to the same programs and resources as those currently designated as Title I. This is allowed through a consolidation of funds from federal, state, and local sources. Michele Newnum, formerly a K-2 ARVA teacher, is now our Title I Coordinator. If you have questions, you can contact her at mnewnum@arva.org.

ARVA Staff having FUN!

Being that we are a virtual community we don't get everyday opportunities to see each other face to face. Here are a few faces that you might not fully recognize but the name might ring a bell and I bet if you heard their voice you'd know that too!

Winterland of Gingerbread 2015

Gingerbread houses galore!! Face Painting, Crafts, Ice Skating and Prizes! Wonderland of Gingerbread is an ARVA winter tradition. Each year in December two Wonderland of Gingerbread's are hosted across our state, one in Northwest Arkansas and the other in Little Rock. If you missed out this year, make sure to plan to attend next year! You don't want to miss the fun and getting to meet up with your fellow ARVA Diamonds!

ARVA's Family Academic Support Team (FAST) and the Strong Start Site

ARVA's Family Academic Support Team (FAST) provides comprehensive preparation and sustained support for engagement to promote improved achievement outcomes through strengths-based, proactive, and positive intervention. FAST publishes the Diamond Gazette newsletter, shares information from K12's National Family Academic Support Team, engages families at outings, and works to promote student engagement for academic success. Stay tuned to ARVA's Strong Start site for real-time updates and be sure to bookmark the site. Helpful videos, meetings through K12's Parent Network, local student activities, and more resources can be found here.
The Diamond Gazette is published monthly for all families at Arkansas Virtual Academy. It is sent via kmail and posted to the Strong Start site.
Gina Moore, editor
Amanda Lloyd, assistant editor

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