The Basics of Project Based Learning

Getting Started:

  • The project has to be TEKS based.
  • Teacher created timelines, check-ins, and a clearly defined rubric.
  • You want to find a good "connection to real life" introduction activity.
  • We are teaching 21st century learners...encourage communication, creativity, collaboration and TONS of TECHNOLOGY!


  • Questions, Questions, Questions!!! Get them to ask about EVERYTHING!
  • Teacher facilitates student progress throughout the entire project.

Project Presentations:

  • Teacher guides students to use rubric for project revision and finalization.
  • Invite a "real world" audience: parents, professionals, and public to view the presentations.
  • If technological assistance is needed, contact your school tech department.

This digital is brought to you by the lovely Gibbs Pre-k Teachers:

Amanda Smith, Gena Holder, Nanette Nira, Danielle McCullough, and Jennifer Goins!

**shout out to PBL Basics by edtechchic Jessics Johnston**