6th Grade Technology

By: Mason DeGrave

Typing Web

  • The class does 5 minutes of typing every day at the beginning of class
  • You have to pass the sentences course by the end of the first quarter
  • If you pass the Intermediate course by the end of the first quarter you get a 4


  • Everybody got to make their own iTrailer
  • You could make it about anything
  • Its really fun to make it very creative

Haiku Deck

  • You got to make a Haiku Deck about your dream job and college
  • We got to learn about our dream job
  • Also, we got to pick what college we want to go to

Explain Everything

  • You have to solve a math problem and show Mrs. Myers
  • She gives you 10 problems to choose from
  • It's pretty easy

Career Locker

  • You get to learn about our dream job and school
  • We took a survey that suggests what jobs would be good for us
  • If you have a dream job or school in mind you could learn about others and maybe change what you think


  • This teaches you how to code
  • There is an assortment of fun things to do
  • You have to get to level 9 of code to get a 3