Dina Babbitt

1923 - 2009

Who Was Dina Babbitt?

Dina Babbitt was a Holocaust Survivor who, in 1942, was arrested by Germans along side her mother. She was Nine - teen at the time and an amazing artist. Babbitt was born on January 23, 2009 in Brno, Czech Republic, and died July 29, 2009, in Felton, California, due to cancer. She was married to Art Babbitt and had two daughters named Michele and Karen.

During Holocaust..

After Dina and her mother were arrested by Germans, they were sent to the Concentration Camp, Auschwitz. While there, Dina drew pictures on the walls to comfort the younger children. Her talent was recognized and Dina was forced to paint watercolors of Gypsies. She agreed only in return for her mother's safety...It was a deal

After Math

When she was freed form Auschwitz, Babbitt resided to Felton, California. Years after being freed, Babbitt gets a call from Paris saying that her watercolors have survived. Babbitt flew to Paris in hopes to retrieve her watercolors but they refused to hand them over. Babbitt passed away before she could ever get them back.