Sumerian Legacy

Charlie Andersen

Don't Inscribe It, Scribe It!

Are you tired of carrying around all of those heavy clay tablets?

Well not anymore with Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon, you can write on light weight papyrus!

Do you hate it when your hand cramps from all that writing?

Well that will never happen again with Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon! When you write with Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon the Crayon glides across the papyrus!

<----Have you ever had this happen to you?

That will never happen again if you switch to Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon! With Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon you write on papyrus, and what happens when you drop papyrus? It just flutters to the floor!

Don't you hate it when you write something to someone and when it is done drying it is not even happening anymore?

With Charlie's Cuneiform Crayon That will never happen again! All you need to do is write and then it is done and ready to give away.