The Great Gatsby

Riches vs Poverty

Theme Introduction: Poverty and Riches

One of the most important themes in "The Great Gatsby" is Poverty and Riches. In the beginning of the novel Nick starts off by describing the two separate parts of Long Island by East and West Egg. East Egg being the more fashionable of the two is home to those with "old money" and in West Egg there are people with "new money". While both Eggs stay separate because they became wealthy in different ways, not too far away lies the valley of ashes. It is described as being a dark, grey place where people are in poverty. The eggs and the valley of ashes juxtapose each other as they share a common city of New York yet keep their separate ways due to income. As the novel continues the reader learns more about Gatsby and how he came to be. It turns out that he was born on a very poor farm, yet that never discouraged him and he was very hard working. He worked until he ran away and met Dan Cody who taught him everything that he needed to know to fit in with elite socialites. From then on Gatsby was going to rise from his poverty to become a wealthy man that Daisy would want to be with. Daisy lives in East Egg with her abusive, racist husband Tom. He cheats on her multiple times and she knows this, yet she continues to stay with him because of his money. Even after Gatsby flaunts his money with extravagant parties, it is not enough compared to Tom's security with his money. Gatsby does everything for Daisy and in the end she did not choose to go with him because she learns that his money may not be as secure as Tom's. The theme of rich and poor is not only shown with Gatsby and Daisy, but also with Myrtle Wilson and Tom. Tom is a very wealthy man, yet he peruses someone who lives in the Valley of Ashes who has less social status than him. He does this so that he feels more dominant and powerful in the relationship since he has money and she does not. Myrtle is poor and is married to a poor man named George. She is unhappy with him because he is not as wealthy as she would like him to be. The theme of poverty and riches is important to the conclusion of Gatsby because the reader learns how terrible people with money can be and what money can do to people. Money lead Daisy to not be with someone she loved, and it lead Gatsby right to his death.

Index Chapter 1: Travel Brochure

In the beginning of chapter one, Nick describes Long Island New York and how there are two separate "eggs" that distinguish the "New Money" people from the "Old Money" people. The people who "got rich quick" through becoming famous, bootlegging, or any other way, live in west egg. Those fortunate enough who were handed everything in life, live in east egg. Their money was handed down from generation to generation and they are the more sophisticated elite people. This is a contrast to West Egg where Nick and Gatsby live. Gatsby does live in a grand home but Nick calls his home an "eyesore" next to Gatsby's. The way he describes east egg as being the more fashionable and he describes it as "glistening across the bay". It shows how he admires East Egg and values it more than where he lives in west egg in a small home.

Recipe for Myrtle Wilson Chapter:20


· 2 tablespoons of lively personality

· 4 teaspoons envy

· 1 pound of makeup

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· 1/2 cup ungratefulness

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· 2 tablespoons poverty

· 1 tablespoon of ashes

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· 2 teaspoons of money

· 3/4 cup of jealousy

· 1/2 cup chopped hopes

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· 1/2 cup spicy sauce

· 1 tablespoon greed

· 2 dashes of ugly

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· 1/2 cup of insecurities

· ¼ cup fierceness


First preheat oven to 500 degrees until it is steaming hot. Next, carelessly combine the lively personality with the envy, ungratefulness, and jealousy. Stir continuously until thick and add dashes of ugly. Once combined take out another bowl(preferably silver), put in poverty, and ashes, this should make a blackish color. Once black add in money, which will make the mixture more smooth and green like. Then add two dashes of ugly and immediately after add in insecurities and makeup to hide the ugly. Lastly beat together fierceness and spicy sauce. Once all ingredients are combined, pour into a pan and bake for 25min until hard yet brittle. Serve in a million tiny pieces and then you will have a Myrtle Wilson.

Index Chapter 2

Chapter two introduces Myrtle when Tom goes to George Wilson's garage to seek Myrtle. In the recipe I put to carelessly combine the lively personality with envy, ungratefulness, and jealousy. This is because George is poor and lives in the valley of ashes and Tom is a rich man who lives in East Egg. When she sees Tom, she walks right past her husband to go to Tom because he has money. She is ungratefull and careless because she was mad at George for having to rent a tux for their wedding showing how needy she is, and how she wants nice things or people with money. Myrtle is nor very attractive so she puts on a lot of make up to hide her inner insecurities. I said to beat together spicy sauce and fierceness because Myrtle speaks whatever is on her mind like when she was talking badly about Daisy, however in result Tom hit her in her nose which is why I said to "beat" those ingredients together. I said t serve in tiny brittle pieces because Myrtle is a very broken person and whenever she feels the slightest bit of jealousy, she crumbles.

Gossip Column: Chapter 3

Jay Gatsby has thrown another swanky party. Guest dance and complete destroy the mysterious Gatsby’s home. As people dance, and drink alcoholic beverages, no one makes an effort to try and meet this so called Gatsby and some even wonder if he exists. Who is this Gatsby? And why does he throw parties he doesn’t participate in? However, we were able to speak to Lucille and she claims that Gatsby isn’t so bad after all. She says that one time when she was at one of Gatsby’s crazy parties she tore her dress and he sent her a new one that cost two hundred and sixty five dollars. This is not the only occasion where Mr.Gatsby has flaunted his money with the laides. Rumor has it that Gatsby does all of this for one paticulary lady hoping she will somehow wander into his house and fall in love with him again.

Gatsby served in the Great War in Germany. This brave solider even was awarded the “Valour Extraordinary” medal for his great service in protecting our army. However gossipy party guests, have claimed that Mr. Gatsby may have been a German spy during the war. How can people say such a thing when this man has served out country and was even rewarded and recognized for his great achivements.

Index Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Gatsby flaunts his money and wealth by throwing a giant party. A party so big that the people who attend don't even know who Gatsby is or what he looks like. It shows how people can be blinded by money easily and can cause them to do reckless things. Also it shows that when people are rich, other people wonder how they came up so quickly so they start rumors about them, like Gatsby. People thought he murdered someone or was a bootlegger yet they still came to his parties because they were blinded by all of the nice things he owned in comparison to them.

Letter To Gatsby

My Dearest Gatsby,

I must admit that I carry a heavy torch on you. You are a strong, well suited, hard boiled, gentlemen. You are a bimbo at times yet sweet at the same time. That grand smile of yours is just the bees knees and I makes me melt every time I am in your presence. You are quite the cake eater however you know how to treat a young doll like me right. Whenever we are together we have a whoopee time in your yellow breezer. I wish that you would get a wiggle on and come back from the war already. I miss you dearly , but I don't know if I can continue to wait for you my love. It's jake being here but everything would be swell if you were by my side. Sometimes I feel like a dumb dora for falling for you even though I knew you were going back to fight in the war, but I just couldn't keep my distance. I fell for you like a big falls into a giant light on a summer night. Once I laid eyes on you, I couldn't escape it was like I was trapped. Now another man is starting to come into my life. His name is Tom, and he is a very wealthy man. A young tomato like myself shouldn't be alone all this time Gatsby. I think it is time that we move on. You will forever be in my heart Jay.



Index Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Jordan tells Nick about the love story between Daisy and Gatsby. She talks about how Daisy received a letter from Gatsby on her wedding night and cried her eyes out. She became very intoxicated and crumbled up the letter. After her episode, she put on the three hundred and fifty thousand dollar pearls that Tom gave her, and went on with the wedding. This shows how Daisy was able to turn away a man she loved, for a man with more money. Daisy needs to feel secure financially so she decides to marry Tom who resides in East Egg.
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Chapter 5: picture of old clock

In Chapter 5, Gatsby and Daisy meet again after five years. Time plays an important role throughout the novel but especially in chapter 5. When Gatsby and Daisy meet up at Nick's house for tea, it is very awkward. There is silence and neither of them know what to say to each other. When Gatsby attempts to start a conversation he accidentally knocks over the old clock. The falling of the clock represents a stop in time. After five years of waiting and for the right moment to peruse Daisy, he finally has the opportunity and he is frozen. Once Daisy and Gatsby begin talking and laughing Nick comes back and they say they lost track of time. They were having such a good time together that they didn't notice the time. It was as if time froze at that moment for them to catch up on all the lost years they missed not being together.

Chapter 5: Index

In Chapter 5 Gatsby wants to flaunt his money and make everything look ritzy and perfect for when Daisy goes to Nicks house for tea. He gets Nicks lawn cut and uses his money to do so because Nick is not as fortunate as him. After time stops with his meeting with Daisy and it stops raining, Gatsby wants to finally show Daisy his grand home. He even throws his shirt around which represent wealth to prove to her he is worthy of her now that he is rich.

Chapter 6 Twitter

Chapter 6 Index

In Chapter 6 Gatsby uses this as a big opportunity to flaunt his money to Daisy. He throws yet another outrageous party. People are careless and drink alcohol excessively. He makes a point to introduce Daisy to some famous people she has heard of to impress her with his connections. He gets people to come to his parties because he is very wealthy and he proves that to Daisy by bringing her and Tom to this party.


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Arrest Warrent Chpater 7

Daisy Buchanan is wanted for manslaughter. This young doll is responsible for bumping off of Myrtle Wilson and immediately fled the scene before emergency response could arrive. BEWARE! She is a deceiving criminal! She draws people in with her innocent looks and behavior. However she is capable of dangerously making you fall in love with her, then crushing your heart if you don’t have the amount of money that is sufficient enough to make her feel a sense of security. If you see this woman, please notify authorities as soon as possible so that she can be pinched and doesn’t take you for a ride.

chapter 7 index

In chapter 7 Gatsby and Tom have a small altercation. Tom finds out about Daisy and Gatsby and tries to convince her of reasons why she shouldn't be with him. He reveals that Gatsby was in fact a bootlegger and word by word Daisy fell further away from Gatsby. She figures that if he obtained his wealth so quickly, he could loose it just as fast. Daisy wants a man that has wealth and she needs to feel secure. After the argument Tom lets Gatsby take Daisy home, however along the way in the Valley of Ashes, Myrtle Wilson runs out on the road and Daisy runs her over and kills her then drives away. Myrtle is very poor and Daisy is rich so she feels a sense of power over her and doesn't own up for her actions because Myrtle is not worth her time of day since she is so beneath her.

Chapter 8: Resume


To obtain the love of my life Daisy, and to get her to say she never loved Tom and it was always me.


· The Great War- first lieutenant

§ Owner of drug stores

§ Bootlegger


Dan Cody- 454-664-7885

Wolfshiem- 958-774-6958

Henry Gatz- 145-445-3251


· Getting rich quick

· Buying a house for Henry Gatz

· Fighting in the Great War


· Valour Extraordinary medal from Montenegro

Index Chapter 8

In this chapter Gatsby is killed by George Wilson. George was convinced that Gatsby was the one that had an affair with his wife Myrtle, and he also believes that he killed her. This is not true, yet Gatsby never comes forward to tell everyone it was Daisy who was driving the car. Gatsby's main objective was to win Daisy's love and he was willing to do whatever it took to do so, even die for her. George Wilson was a poor man who didn't have anything so he was intimidated by Gatsby and had to kill him.

Obituary Chapter 9

James Gatz, or as most people know him, Jay Gatsby was found murdered in his home in West Egg last Wednesday evening. He was found dead in the pool and not too far away the killer George Wilson laid dead as a doornail. Police assume he killed himself after shooting Gatsby from behind. Gatsby was born to a farmer named Henry Gatz in North Dokota, he later gained his education at St. Olaf's in Minnesota and went to Oxford for a few months. Gatsby also served in the U.S army first division duruing the war and won an award in Montenegro that read "Valour Extraordinary". When he was younger he ran away from home and he worked with Dan Cody on his yaught for five years where he learned how to dress and act like a member of high society. There he picked up his famous phrase "old sport". Later he moved to Long Island New York to persue his dreams of becoming a wealthy. Jay's life long goal was to impress others with his wealth by throwing extravagant parties, more specifically, he wanted to impress the love of his life Daisy. The funeral will be held 3pm on Saturday at Jay Gatsby's house in West Egg.

Index Chapter 9

In chapter nine, Nick tries to call Daisy and others to attend the funeral however no one attends. Not even Wolfshiem who is suppose to be Gatsby's friend. He says, "Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead." Even Daisy the love of his life never calls or shows up knowing that Gatsby was killed for her mistake. This shows how careless the rich can be sometimes. When they do something wrong they get away with it and just live their lives worry free and pretend like nothing happened.

Concluding Piece

Index Conclusion

In conclusion, all throughout the novel Gatsby does everything he possibly can to win Daisy. However Daisy's "voice is full of money", so in order to slightly have a chance with her, he has to have money. He tries so hard to become a person that is good enough for her and is very wealthy. He puts all of his time and effort towards this one goal which eventually leads to his death. People like Daisy want money but not just any kind of money. They want money that they know is always going to be there like Tom's money. Gatsby tries too hard to be a "somebody" to have a chance with Daisy but becoming so caught up in the life of the high society elites drained all of his energy and hope and killed him.