Understanding the INTERNET Media

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The Media


Media means the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers,and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

There are several media mediums including television, film, radio, theInternet and print communications.

Television propaganda is bases on commercial during the brakes between shows. However, recently, large television companies like Disney have created more ways to pass progadando into the viewer. An example of this is the famous children tv show Hannah Montana. This is basically a 30 minute long commercial which presents kids with all sorts of Disney products. What diferences television propaganda from the rest is that for this type you need to take into account the limited time you have, the canal at which your commercial is being transmitted and the time inwhich this is being transmittes.

here are some examples of tv commercial


Radio is different aswell becuase you can only transmit the propaganda via sound so its very limiting, however the positive side of this is that if you choose this medium you get a chance of your message getting more widely spread.

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