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North Fork Jr High Wrestling Team County Champions

Volunteer Crossing Guards

Hello Families!

Joe and Tracy Mock are our students' volunteer crossing guards down in town. They could use some additional help to support this service. If you are interested or available, please email Joe and Tracy at josephtracym@aol.com.

We greatly appreciate all that they do!

Popcornopolis Extended for One Week

The Popcornopolis deadline has been extended until April 1!

Please submit your forms! This is one of our school's largest fundraisers which supports field trips, eagle gear, and more!

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Congratulations to the pictured students who made the 6th Grade Honor Roll

Front Row: Colin McMahon, Klara Kiss, Jace McCrain, Emberlee Vierra, Sierra Puharich.

Back Row: Addison Emmons, Yatziri Martinez, Cartier Antonez, Amara Tooker, Adrian Dennison, Gunnar Lee, Cole McCrain, Ben Johnson, Levi Morgan, Principal Amelia Baldwin.

Not Pictured: Perla Mojarro, Alex Martina

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Congratulations to the pictured students who made the 7th Grade Honor Roll

Front Row: Ruby Jackson, Ashley Pantoja-Torres, Dylan Scherba, Tyreen Farnsworth, Kendal Sievertsen, Canyon Watkins

Back Row: Saskia Marlin, Ashley Gibson, David Audelo Garcia, Austin Littlejohn, Mara Peters, Principal Amelia Baldwin

Not Pictured: Jayden Mastro, Lauren Miller, Riley Abney, Orion Rose

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Congratulations to the pictured students who made the 8th Grade Honor Roll

Front Row: Lily Isaacson, Avery Kinser, Deja White

Back Row: Braydon Hendrix, Jasmine Vasquez, McKenna Frye, Will Wrich, Taylor Wist, Principal Amelia Baldwin.

Not Pictured: Elliot Hickam, Ethan Rogers, Iain Straub, Lily Lowe, Max Peluso, Caden Pfeifer, Sky Rieks

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Paonia K8 School is proud to recognize the following students who received Eagle Tag Awards for their performance on the 21-22 Colorado Measures of Academic Success assessments. These students earned Eagle Tags for Exceeding Expectations or having High Growth on the state assessments last year. Way to go Eagles!!

Front Row: Billy Roach, Dillon Scherba, Ruby Jackson, Sayde Allen, Kayla Lubin, Kaylynne Miller, Aaron Frazier, Jace McCrain, Cole McCrain, Tristin Moss, Sierra Puharich, Klara Kiss, Yatziri Martinez

Back Row: Ashley Gibson, Will Wrich, Avery Kinser, Jasmine Vasquez, Jayden Mastro, David Audelo Garcia, Tyreen Farnsworth, Ashley Pantoja Torres, Lauren Miller, Riley Abney, Mara Peters, Perla Mojarro, Adrian Dennison, Renee Roach, Bella Bowers

Science Olympiad!

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Our all school assembly was themed Winter Olympics, and we had a lot of fun!
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Mrs. Rienks wins the snow clothes race!

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The students all secretly packed in snowballs to the assembly and, little did Mrs. Baldwin know, but when she said 'snow' in her introduction, all of the students began a snowball fight!

Bobsledding, Curling and Snowball Shotput!

Thursday, March 24

Dear Middle School Parents & Guardians and Future Middle School Parents & Guardians,

If you missed the meeting, do not worry. You can contact Meghan Casey for more information.

During the meeting, we had some students sign-up to go and went over everything about the trip including:

  • What we’ll see and do

  • Travel logistics

  • Safety and flexibility

  • How to earn high school credit

  • Affordable payment options and more

Questions? Email: meghan.casey@deltaschools.com

If you would like to learn more, please visit: www.efexploreamerica.com/2539098zf

Thank you!

Meghan Casey

Upcoming Events/Activities

April 15: North Fork Ag Day

April 15: 7th Grade Transition (NFSIS & NFM@C)

April 18-April 22: Spring Break

April 25: PPO Meeting

April 26-April 29: Scholastic Book Fair

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CMAS Encouragement!

Ms. Jalan and Mrs. McIntire cheer kids on for testing!

Our 8th and 5th grades have been putting forward incredible efforts, and we are so proud!

CMAS Testing Date Changes!

Please review updated dates for 5th and 8th Grade. Changes have been bolded.

8th Grade: March 22-25, 28-29, April 11, 13, 15
7th Grade: March 30-April 1, April 4-6

6th Grade: March 30-April 1, April 4-6

5th grade March 22-25, 28-29, April 12, 14, 15
4th Grade April 7-8, 11-14

3rd Grade April 7-8, 11-14

Please try and schedule around these dates.

7th Grade Personal Health and Wellness Presentations

All Delta County School District 7th grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in a Physical and Personal Wellness presentation. This presentation is given at each school individually. The PK8 presentation will be provided by Amy Hafer. Jim Frazier will also be in the room.

Full presentation slides and information can be found on the homepage of the school district website: https://www.deltaschools.com/

Opt-out forms have been sent home.

The presentation will be on April 7 in one class period.

Forms in the Office

  • Baseball (Due April 1st)

Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal