Welcome Back To School!!

August 2019 Issue

From the podium........Welcome Back!

We hope that everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. We are excited to get this school year up and running! 2019-2020 is going to be an exciting year for all of our band students as we have many new things in store. Our first day with students today went extremely well! It was nice seeing familiar faces as well as our welcoming our new students to the Fall Creek Band Department! There are so many opportunities for your students to participate in at this level! We encourage everyone to get involved with the many different activities that band offers!

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We were thrilled with student's participation in our Jedi Academy within the Fall Creek Junior High Music Department last year, and are excited about the additions we have in store for this year! More information for all junior high band members will be discussed in class within the first few weeks of school.


Junior high band students will not need their instruments for the first three days of school. Our first day of playing will be Monday August 12th. The first three days of school will be spent preparing for our first playing day. Band lockers and school owned instruments will be assigned, detailed discussion over the Band Handbook, music theory review, ice breaker activities, Jedi Academy, and a Canvas overview are just a few of the items we will cover.


Book order forms will be passed out tomorrow for those students who need the method books for the junior high bands. FCJH Beginning Band students will be given information once we go through the instrument fitting process during week two. Please see the diagram below from the Band Handbookfor pricing. Checks can be made payable to FCJH and must be written in blue or black ink only please.

FCI band student's books will be part of the instrument package from Paige's. For anyone who may already have their instrument, but just needs a book. We will pass out forms during the second week of school, or you can purchase Accent on Achievement Book 1 (for your student's instrument) on your own.

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Students who will be playing on a school owned instrument at FCI or FCJH will receive their rental contracts during the second week of school. Students who utilize a school owned instrument as their primary instrument like Tuba and Bassoon, rental fees will be due by 9/6/19. Students who play on a school owned instrument, but have their own instrument at home that you are renting from Paige's or elsewhere, will not have a rental fee. We provide an instrument to use at school due to size, such as baritone. Rental contracts for these students will say NO FEE but do need to be signed and returned by 9/6/19 please. We ask that student's treat these instruments with care and respect.

All percussionists at FCJH will be assessed a $10 percussion fee to help maintain the wear and tear of our school owned equipment. Junior high percussion students do not need to transport their bell kits back and forth. Those should stay at home for practice purposes. Our school percussion equipment will be used during class. This fee does not apply to FCI percussionists or FCJH Beginning Band percussionists, since bell kits will be transported to and from school.


Our first day of band at FCI for our 6th graders will be Monday 8/12/19. For those students who have their instruments at home already, you will not need to bring those to school until Tuesday 8/13/19. If you are renting from Paige's Music, your instruments will be waiting for you at school. We will not send instruments home with students until Friday 8/16.19 This will allow us to show students how to properly assemble and disassemble to ensure that damage does not occur. The start of the year is very exciting but we ask that everyone be patient during this process as we are trying to protect your investment with proper instruction.

FCJH PERFORMANCE EVENTS - Mark your calendars please!

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FCI PERFORMANCE EVENTS - Mark your calendars please!

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Band Handbooks - PLEASE READ

The complete version of the band handbooks are located at the bottom of this newsletter as well as posted on Canvas in several places. Our handbooks outline any and everything related to band at both FCJH and FCI. In an effort to reduce paper, we have only printed hard copies for students of some highlights including Grading Policy, Room Management Plans, Private Lesson Interest Form, and Calendar of Events. Please take some time to look through the handbooks for more detailed information regarding items.

Check out the complete FCJH Band Handbook. Also found on Canvas.

Check out the complete FCI Band Handbook. Also found on Canvas.