VCR 6 Presentation

By: Jakobi Farrar

Fill-in the Blank

Pixar's Toy Story models great __________ in the animation of toys that gives them human characteristics and features that are similar to people.
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n. a thing or a quality that appears true or real


<L. veritas: "truth"


  • authenticity
  • plausibility
  • realism


  • difference
  • dissimilarity

Way to Remember!

Veri+Similitud= Very similar

So, "very similar" looking true or real


Choose the letter where the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

A.) It is the actors job to have verisimilitude where they can emotionally grab the audience toward their character in the show.

B.) The verisimilitude of the illusionist created images that you wouldn't believe weren't true.

C.) A great writer creates characters with verisimilitude so that the reader can relate to them and connect to the book.

D.) The great verisimilitude of the man was that he was so still he looked like a statue.