Industrial revolution

Delaney Welch

The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a hard time for people. Many people invented many machines such as the steam engine and the cotton gin during the industrial revolution. Also some of the people that invented machines during the industrial revolution were Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison. These machines improved transportation, communication, and labor.

Inventors and inventions

People that invented these machines helped a lot of people. Some of these people were known as Eli Whitney for inventing the cotton gin, Thomas Edison that invented the Light bulb, and another one is Dr.Richard Gating who invented the Gatling gun. These people were amazing designers for machines.

Child Labor

A lot of people worked in Factories it started at age 5. Addie was one of these people that worked in a factory. You had to work in a factory and u had 12 hours of hard work in the factory. Some of the machines in the factory could severely get u hurt and sometimes even die from a machine if u got caught in it. That's why you had to be really carefully in factories around the machines.

asembly line

  1. An assembly line is a manufacturing process (most of the time called a progressive assembly) in which parts (usually interchangeable parts) are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from work station to work station where the parts are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced. People did this to get the work done faster.