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August 19, 2022


Message from the Director

I saw this poster in a school last week and thought it was the perfect advice. As we build this year around our theme, "Everyone matters," it's a good time to do a self check of how and what we communicate to others. It's easy for many people to say or repeat things without verifying if it's true or even remotely factual. It seems almost irresistible to want to share gossip. How often have you heard someone say, "I was told..." Sometimes, wrong information about a process passes from employee to employee and negatively affects production. Other times, wrong information about a person gets passed around that creates unnecessary pain and suffering for someone that didn't deserve it. Thirty seconds of scrolling through social media is pretty convincing that many people are not taking the time to think or verify facts first. Remember, truth and accuracy do matter. Without it, a foundation of trust cannot be built. We owe it to ourselves, our coworkers and our students because everyone matters.

With gratitude,


VHS Pilots New Recipe

Kudos to Patty Jordan and Susie Milcarek for perfecting the new Carnitas and Rice Bowl! The bowl was lined with a tortilla filled with cilantro lime rice topped with seasoned pulled pork and drizzled with queso sauce. This delicious entree received rave reviews from students and staff. Well done!
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how to read the code on applesauce cups

Zee Zees marks the production date of applesauce cups using julian date coding. Once you determine the production date, this shelf stable product is good for 18 months.

Example: 13418C = Day 134 of the year 2018 made by Shift C

A quick google search for Julian calendar 2018 shows me that day 134 was May 14, 2018. The product will be good until November 13, 2019.

start planning

I love this year's National School Lunch Week theme, Peace, Love and School Lunch. There are so many ideas for promotions....dress like hippies and throwback menu items. Get your groove on and start sharing your far out ideas! NSLW is October 10-14, 2022. That's a short week for us because of Fall Break on October 10 and 11, so you would only have to do something fun for a few days instead of a full week.
Served Digizine: click here

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School Wellness Policy Quiz: click here

Test your knowledge of wellness requirements for the whole school environment.

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Stipend Payday!

If your check seems way too big, don't's your stipend! For those of you permanent employees who worked all/most of last year (hired before January 1, 2022), you will receive a $1,500 stipend. For those of you who worked part of last year (hired after January 1, 2022) you will receive half that amount, $750. Any substitute who worked at least 450 hours last year will receive a quarter of that amount, $375. Thank you all for working so hard last year! You kept our programs up and running...sometimes by a miracle.


Any permanent employee (including substitutes) interested in any of these positions can apply by emailing a brief letter of interest to Kathy Kane, Director at

Non-employees can apply by completing an online application as an External Applicant here:

FS Tech, Cooks Corners, 5.5 hours

FS Tech, Parkview, 4.5 hours

FS Tech, BF, 4.5 hours

FS Tech, TJM, 4 hours

FS Tech, Heavilin, 4 hours

FS Tech, Central, 3.5 hours

FS Tech, VHS, 4 hours

Production Lead, Flint Lake, 6 hours

FS Tech, Flint Lake, 4.5 hours

2022-23 Calendar

September 5 Labor Day, No School (No Work)

September 23 Half Day, K-12 (Regular Work Day)

October 10-11, 2022, Fall Break, No School (No Work)

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