Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 16 Christmas Term: 23rd - 27th November 2015

This week

It has been a creative week in Grade 5 this week, as we have all turned our hands to movie making. We had a very timely visit from a drama group this week who have inspired us with their acting skills as we prepare to step in front of the camera to make our newsreels.

The last of the auditions have finally been completed and we can't decide what we are most impatient for; the cast list announcement or Christmas day!


We have had another impressive week of learning in IPC. Our class timelines are complete and really demonstrate how much our research skills have improved this term.

Following the success of our written newspaper articles in Language Arts, we have turned our attention to creating a newsreel. It is important to plan camera shots carefully so this week we have learnt about the different types of shots and the impact they can have on the audience. We were able to discuss some of our favourite movie scenes and think about the importance of the angle and position of the camera.

We have also looked at the technique of storyboarding in preparation for writing our scripts next week. It will be fun to watch our finished products across the Grade when they are complete!

Language Arts

This week in Writer's Workshop we completed the publication of our News Reports and we are really proud of our successes! Celebrating our work and sharing our articles has been a lovely way of acknowledging our learning and progress.

We then moved on to storyboards, as we are making a short television news clip using our knowledge of the History of Singapore learnt recently in our Time Tunnel unit. Next week we will be work collaboratively to storyboard our news stories, making sure that we also consider camera angles for emotion and effect (which we have been looking at this week during IPC).


After completing our end of unit test on Area of a triangle early in the week, we have focusing our attention on the recall and revision of facts learnt earlier this term. Each group has chosen mathematical concepts to revisit and practice as we led up to the end of term test. The skill of revising is new to many of us and it is something which must be practiced. We have looked at mind mapping and quizing each other on the topics we have learnt. We have also spent some time using the review sections of the coursebook to go over some of the more challenging concepts.

The end of term test will be fed back to the children next week in order to make individual targets for term 2.

Virtue of the Week

Next week is Thankfulness.

Thankfulness is being grateful for what you have. It is an attitude of gratitude for learning, loving and being. It is appreciating the little things which happen around you and within you every day. It is having a sense of wonder about the beauty of this world. It is being aware of the gifts in your life.

Homework Week 17

There is no set homework for next week. The children have to hand in their History Projects on Monday and they may have some preparation work to do throughout the week for the movie they are working on in class.

Christmas Treats

The children have asked us to organise Secret Santa for them and they should have all come home with a name in their diaries of who they have drawn from the hat.

We decided on $20 as the ballpark figure for the gifts. Please can you ensure that all presents have the name clearly labelled. We will exchange these on the last day, if your child is not going to be here please let the class teacher know.

We are also going to allow the children to watch a DVD as a treat at the end of the week. It is very difficult to find Universal ratings these days and so we will be allowing PG too. The children will be allowed to choose which movie they would like to watch with a different one being screened in each G5 room.

If you would prefer your child to watch the Universal option please let your class teacher know.

The children are allowed to bring in small treats to share during our last morning if they wish.

Dates for your diary

Last Day of Term - Friday 11th December (half day) 12.20 pm

First Day of Easter Term - Monday 11th January

Bake it Entry Point - Trip to the Science Centre:

5CDO and 5PMC - Thursday 14th January

5SBA and 5SGE - Friday 15th January

Miss Claire Douglas

Head of Grade 5, Class teacher for 5CDo and Maths Group 4

Mr Paul McGrath

Class teacher for 5PMc and Maths Group 3

Mr Scott Gericke

Class teacher for 5SGe and Maths Group 2

Miss Sally Baines

Class teacher for 5SBa and Maths Group 1