Hosey Headlines

February 5, 2016

Valentine's Day in Hoseyland

Since Valentine's Day is on a Sunday and the kids are out of school the 12th, we will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday. The kids and I will eat lunch in the room and decorate cookies. If you would like to send in juice packets or chips, feel free.

We currently have 23 kids in the class. I always suggest bringing an extra card in case a new kid shows up that day. The kids can give out valentines, but my rule is if you bring them you must have one for EVERY child in the class (even ones who aren't your favorite).


Please encourage your child to do 15 minutes a night of SPLASH MATH. You can access it online or use the phone or iPad app. The download is free. I have a class account that allows the kids to use the entire site for free. They just have to use their log-in info.

If your child does not have Internet access at home, please encourage them to use their class time wisely. When I do not have a meeting before school, I let the kids come down from the gym before school starts to work online.

Next Week in Hoseyland

It is a short week, but it will be action packed! We will work on map skills, math problem solving, root words, idioms, "solutions, mixtures, and suspensions," text editing, and reading informational text.