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4-H Accountability Meetings

By this time you should already have had or are getting ready to have your 4-H accountability area meeting. The intent of this first meeting is to bring together all the staff who work in 4-H in the accountability region for a discussion on moving forward. The 4-H Educator in the area will lead the meeting! Thanks to everyone who has completed this important task!

Now for the second step! This time we are asking 4-H Educators to bring together all the Educators that represent different disciplines but still have youth as an audience. You may have already included some, but not all, please plan to include everyone this time. Also, If the accountability region doesn’t present the right audience, invite others accordingly. You should try and convene these meetings by May 15th! This discussion should once again include information on PYD, how do these Educators plan to reach youth in their discipline area and how will they specifically partner with 4-H activities? This is also a chance to talk about how the accountability area will report numbers to each county for ES237, what growth goals are and more.

4-H Assistant's Professional Development Meeting

Tuesday, May 17th, 9am

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: East Campus, Lincoln, NE, United States

Lincoln, NE

All 4-H Assistants should plan to attend! Registration information will be coming from Cathy Johnston.
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Growth Goals

Don't forget as you plan your summer programming to consider how you will use it to reach your growth goals for 2016! What new audience will you reach?

Our Thoughts with Deb Weitzenkamp

Cards can be sent to:

Deb Weitzenkamp

The Nebraska Medical Center - Clarkson Tower

42nd & Dewey, Room 8806

Omaha, NE 68102

Koffee With Kathleen

Friday, April 15th, 9am

This is an online event.

Lisa Kaslon

4-H District Coordinator

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