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Talent Trends

  • The #1 reason people change jobs? Career Opportunity

  • Competition is the Biggest Obstacle to Hiring Top Sales People – Do you know what your competitors are offering to attract and retain the best?

Your Competitive Advantage

Finding A-Team quality candidates requires skilled recruiters who can not only find and identify top talent but can also contact and recruit them.

Attract the best by branding the job, not the company. The best people are not looking for lateral transfers. This requires that all recruitment advertising and marketing materials emphasize the actual work that needs to be done, the employee value proposition and the direct impact of the job on the company’s strategy, mission or major initiative..

“Clearly, companies must now work harder to retain sales reps if they want to avoid the high cost of replacing them.”

The Big Picture

Sales professionals in the technology sector are capitalizing on an improved job market. Voluntary turnover is at five-year high, forcing sales and human resources leaders to assess whether their current compensation plans remain effective in an increasingly competitive market for talent.

Software Sales Professionals are on the Move as the Technology Sector Booms

Companies need to be aware that they are increasingly at risk of losing key sales talent if they do not take a proactive approach to keeping employees engaged. This includes ensuring that complex sales compensation plans are properly designed to motivate employees and reward for high performance.

If your company is losing top sales talent in mass, here are some tips for assessing the source(s) of the problem.

  1. Conduct comprehensive exit interviews to uncover aspects of the sales job—including incentive compensation design—that may be causing a disconnect with employees.
  2. Evaluate your hiring practices to see if it is attracting high performers that fit within the company's culture.
  3. Invest in quality new-hire training programs and ongoing development training.

Once the source(s) of the problem are identified, sales leadership, in partnership with human resources and compensation managers, can work on solutions. However, managers should not be surprised by some level of elevated turnover among their sales staff given the current economic landscape and rates of product innovation.

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