Man Ray

By: Koby Gooden

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Emmanuel Radnitzky, also known as Man Ray

  • August 27th, 1890
  • Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • He was a painter and a photographer
  • He was the eldest of Russian Jewish immigrant
  • Given the nickname Man Ray, due to discrimination
(Man Ray. (2015))


November 18, 1976 at the age of 86 years old in Paris, France


He showed interest in art at a very young age. He was greatly influenced by Alfred Stieglitz's, as it is prevalent in his photos. Many would say due to the "unvarnished look" of the subject. After he went to France he began taking fashion photos for Vogue. He accidentally discovered a new way to create interesting images in his darkroom. Called "Rayographs," these photos were made by placing and manipulating objects on pieces of photosensitive paper. (Man Ray Biography, 2015)


He was a surrealist. This means that he was involved with surrealism. He viewed the body as it was and wanted to give it a new perspective.

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