Ryan Duncan & Kat Brown


Puritan clothing was quite average, puritans wore mainly black but also had clothes of every color. the clothes were dyed with vegetable dye (instead of chemicals) so the colors were pale. colors became very common. dress codes were in place at first but not enforceable due to increase in population. the only dress codes were social sanctions, each class (upper, middle, lower) had their own dress codes that were easier to maintain.

John Winthrop

John Winthrop was a puritan leader, he was born in the year 1587 and died in 1649 he was a devoted religious puritan elder that led a large migration of puritans to america from England in 1629 and became the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony a year later.


Puritan education was quite different than it is now. Children typically started at a school, called Dame School, between six and eight years old. Dame School was a daycare type of home school where kids would learn the basics, reading, writing, etc., as well as scripture. After Dame School the boys would either continue their schooling or learn a trade. If they chose to continue in school they would typically go to a Latin grammar school to prepare for college. In college they would study to pursue a religious career. If they chose to learn a trade they could do almost anything, though most became farmers. Girls were only allowed to continue school at home where they would learn all household skills. There are many differences between then and now, it's a good thing we live in the time we do, we have more ability to further our education now.