tijonea simmons & toney moy

Australias government is federal monarchy

approximent population 23.13 million
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the currency name ( australan dollar ) the exchange rate of currency is (0.73)

us dollar = 0.73

brasil = 2.56

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employment graph on the economy

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austraila !

Australia Information Video

the country of Australia ,

has a population of 23.13 million people , has a currency rate of 0.73 by the us dollar , In 2014, Australia exported $243B and imported $219B, resulting in a positive trade balance of $24.8B.

and the employment rate , is on a stable yet high rate because jobs usually stay the same and or either , increase because of the amount of open jobs and oppurtunity . austrailia is also a known country for the animal of kangaroos and the land is all about majority is made of minerial and rocks .

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