Princess Diana will forever be known as Princess Dia, the people's princess, and the queen of hearts.

  • This shows the love that the people had for Diana. Despite her royal title and ties, they felt such a close bond with her that they were able to call her Dia. She "belonged" to the people in their eyes and her overwhelming love for others left a lasting legacy.


The epitome of elegance, Princess Dia was like a loving mother to all of those around her, like a Disney princess with her royal ties, and as glamorous as an old Hollywood celebrity.

  • With an overpowering mother-in-law, the eyes of the world on her, and a husband who didn't come to her defense, Princess Diana overcame numerous obstacles and still is remembered for her wonderful character. During a time where royalty was seen as an even greater authority than today, Diana was forced to live under the thumb of a queen who doubled as family. In addition to this pressure, the world paid meticulous attention to every step she made, which made living a somewhat normal life impossible-ultimately leading to her tragic death. Through all of these challenges, Diana still made it her mission to reach out to others to touch their lives in incredible ways. She also passed on this caring trait to her young sons by teaching them the power they possess and the good it can be used for. Lastly, Diana will always be remembered for her impeccable outfits and flawless style, a trait any great princess must possess.