Alexander G .Bell

by: Janae Washam

Background Information

Alexander G. Bell was born March 3,1847. His father was Melville Bell. Alexander was married and his wife name was Mabel Hubbard. He had two siblings and they were boys.When his was a little boy he used to play the piano as a hobby for a long time. Bell's job was a teacher before he started inventing.

Important Inventions and other Accomplishments

Alexander G. Bell created telephones on March 10 ,1876. He also improved by designing telephones and by 1886 he had more then 150,000 people own there own telephone .Thats really good .Bell began inventing by January ,1915. Bell was twenty three when he started inventing the stuff he used to make .Alexander Bell helped form the national geographic society. Bell did not work alone he had Watson that was Bell's partner.Alexander G .Bell got a award and he got the patent award .

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