The Oregon Trail

By Caelyn Jarrett

The History of the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a 2,000 mile trail that goes from Independence, Missouri from Oregon City, Oregon. It was laid in the early 1800's by fur trappers and explorers. At the time, the only way to get across the country to the West Coast was a long sea voyage around the U.S, so this was very helpful for people who had gotten 'Oregon Fever', a mental disease that caused the mind to only yearn for Oregon.

One of the people involved with the Oregon Trail was Ezra Meeker, a person who worked to preserve the Oregon Trail and keep it used. He took several trips of wagons starting in 1842 and ending in 1869. His work ensured that the Oregon Trail was kept in use and always remembered.

The Early Pioneers

The first person to travel the trail was Robert Stuart in 1812. He crossed the country in reverse, starting from the West and going East. More than 500,000 people followed him. That is 10 times more than everyone who goes to Oakley!