Building an Alarm

Hidden Alarm Challenge

Hidden Alarm

  1. Please watch the demo video.
  2. Read over "Your Challenge".
  3. Contribute to the Hidden Buzzer Challenge Padlet by answering the 3 questions.

1. Hidden Alarm Challenge Demo Video

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A circuit is a path along which electricity can travel. In a closed circuit, all the parts are connected and the electricity flows uninterrupted from the battery to the buzzer and back to the battery. In an open circuit, some parts are disconnected, and the gap prevents electricity from flowing. Build your design and test it. Did your alarm buzz on command? Did it fit in its hiding place? Did you trick anyone? When we made ours, we had to debug some problems. For example, our buzzer didn’t work at first, and it took some tweaking to get the switch to turn on and off reliably. If things like this happen to you, figure out a way to fix the problem so that your alarm works every time.