The Legislative Process

Mikaela Stayton & Zac M

It all starts with a Idea.......

Anyone who wants to make a change in this country, can work towards the introduction of a bill. If you don't like something in your community you can begin correspondence with a member of congress.
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Introduction of a new bill

Once your member of congress decides to introduce your idea it becomes a bill. Only a member of congress can introduce a bill.
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Ride or Die; Committee Action

Now that the bill has been introduce, it is sent to a standing committee that pertains to the type of bill. this committee can do five things.

  1. Pass the bill
  2. Make changes and suggest it to be passed
  3. Replace the bill completely
  4. "Pigeonhole" the bill (killing it by ignoring it)
  5. Kill the bill with majority vote

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Time to Debate

In the house the committee sets the terms for the debate, example (Time limit). In the Senate they can speak as long as they want, which can kill the bill, this is called a filibuster.
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The time is finally here; Time to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Senate and the House vote on the bill and if it passes it becomes a LAW!
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How a bill becomes a law