Tragic book or exciting



Is the One and Only Ivan a tragic and heartbreaking story? Did Ivan deserve to be be treated the way he was treated? Was Ruby and Bob happy? Well I will answer that.

The story The One and Only Ivan written by: kathrine Applegate was awarded for most distinguished contribution to american literature for children. This might be a good book but it is also sad.

This is heartbreaking because in the book humans killed Ivans parents they cut off their heads,arms,and legs. His friend died Stella. She died because of her foot and they just threw her in the back of a garbage truck. One more person died it was his sister Tag she died when she was going to the Big Top Mall.

It was heartbreaking when everyone thought that mack was about to hit Ruby with the clawstick. He raised it and I felt so bad for Ruby I thought she was going to end up like Stella.

I felt bad for Bob was left alone with no friends and nobody to talk to or play with.He was left alone because Ivan and Ruby went to the zoo to live.Then I felt happy because at the end of the story George and his daughter had Bob.

This is a very good story but it is based on a true story.You did not want some of the things in the story to happen because everybody wants a happy ending.That is all for now but next week we have more of the story.