Six Flags! By: Angel Jenkins

The best place you can go to have fun

What is Six Flags?

Most of you might already know but Six flags is a theme park that is placed around most of the U.S. The closest to us is Six flags over Georgia

Whats so fun about six flags?

Six flags is a place that has many challenging rides and games. At six flags it's never a time where you can't do anything. One of the challenging rides are 1.) The acrophobia

What is he Acrophobia?

The acrophobia is a ride at six flags that is really big. It takes you up 200 ft and Drops you straight down. It is said that if you ride the acrophobia you can ride any of the rides in the park such as the Goliath

What is the Goliath?

The Goliath is a ride that Stretches all around the park. It is the biggest ride in the whole park and it might take lots of guts to get on that ride. The Goliath takes you up 200 feet high and then it drops you down 12 stories at 70 miles per hour


Right now we are having a Christmas theme.Santa Will Be There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!