Lets get HEALTHY !

By Dominica

All that food

Food is fuel for us. It has a strong impact on how we generally feel as well as impacting our overall health. Fast food also known as junk food usually has large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats and big amounts of salt which have no nutrition value in them for us. These foods take away a lot of our energy until we feel like we can't do much at all. This happens because we aren't getting the right fuel for our body like when you put the wrong petrol in your car, it's a waste of money because the car won't go anywhere with that petrol in it.
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What does What.

The picture above shows all the main parts of the body in our digestive system. Once we eat, we swallow. Then the food we swallowed goes down the Esophagus tube(easy term-food pipe) this takes roughly 45 minutes as the body has to break down the food into little particles. Then it goes through to the stomach where it stays to give fuel to the rest of your body.

What we can do!

To do something to help your body you can feed it mare vegetables, fruit and less sugars and sweets from the canteen.

Just note that the things made by Beck are way healthier than the paddle pops and drinks.

We can make all the difference help your body feed it healthy things.

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P.S What this chart does!

This chart shows us how much we should eat of these different types of foods.

The yellow section is full of things like bread, cereal, rice and lots of grain and oat things. Because this is a big section you can eat more of that sort of stuff.

The dark green section is full of things like vegetables and beans.

Because this section is about the same size as the yellow section you should eat a lot of this stuff. P.S. the green things in the section is the healthiest.

The light green section is full of fruit.

It is a bit smaller so you don't have to eat as much of this food as you do with the others. But fruit is still healthy so it is okay if you eat a bit more of this stuff.

The purple section is full of milks, yogurts and butter.\

This section is roughly as big as the fruit section so it is okay to have a bit of this type of food.

The blue section is full of things like meat, seeds, nuts, eggs and fish.

This section is a bit bigger than the light green section and the purple section so you should eat a lot more of this than the things in the light green and purple section.

In the bottom right hand corner is a lot of little images.

These images are things like chocolate, biscuits, chips, lollies and soft drink with a few more.

This section of images is there and not in the actual circular chart because it is the food that you should only have sometimes and in small amounts too.

To find out more about the chart visit the site below

Healthy Food Will Make You Smile| Healthy Food Song for Children, Toddlers and Kids! Debbie Doo

Whats above

This is a song for kids about healthy eating. :)