Legislation and Dementia Care

Mary Basilio, Health and Social ‘Dementia & Elderly Care’


Legislation is a set of law that is suggested by the government and the parliament officials is the one making the decision about the legislation set.


Human Rights Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998 gives people the power to stop people other people, who discriminate any vulnerable people. We use this legislation for the people we look after and giving them the right to have privacy and protection.

We need this legislation because this type of dignity of care is giving the people right to live, has the right to receive treatment and has the right to have a family life.

Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 is to ensure that any personal details and information are kept in a safe place, always keeping it confidential at all times. This legislation should have all the records of health and social care both written and computerised.

This legislation is important in Dementia Care as they take Data Protection Act very serious, they need this to record details of their contact and support of Dementia Care and they will only send any further information when it is relating to work.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

This legislation applies to people who are employed and volunteers. They require this type of legislation for people who work with Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Mental Capacity Act 2005

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is established to protect and empower any individuals in England and Wales, who lacks capacity of making their own decision about the type of care and treatment they want to receive or what they are receiving.

We need this legislation in Dementia Care to help protect the vulnerable adults from abuse and maltreatment.


Framework is an assessment where the person will be assessed on their needs in the following areas: Communication, mobility behaviour, cognition and continence (self-restraint). Guidance is an information given by someone in authority and they can help people resolve problems by aiming of getting the right information.


Living Well with Dementia - the National Dementia Strategy

Living Well with Dementia - the National Dementia Strategy, this is the framework given by the Government where their plan is to help improve health and social care services for everyone with dementia and their carers here in England.

Putting People First

Putting People First means valuing older people by ensuring that disabled people, people with mental health have the best quality of life and having equal independent living. We always fulfil our responsibility to provide proper care and protection. The local authority is there to accompany by working with NHS locally and other Statutory agencies, as well as people agreed and shared outcomes to ensure that people that are ill or disabled is supported for them to stay healthy and they need to recover as soon as possible, they also need to participate in order for them to maintain active and learn to live independently.