Love,Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Mallory Trammell, Mrs.Hinkle Block 1


First is Stargirl, The main character. She is a fun-loving teen and the whole story is a letter that she is writing to Leo. Leo, he is Stargirls ex boyfriend and we dont know that much about him. Also there is a five-year-old named Dootsie and she is Stargirls best friend. Another important character named Perry, he is a "criminal" and is Stargirls new crush. Also there is a crazy 11 year old named Alvinia that beats up boys and has one glittery fingernail.There is one more main important character, Betty Lou, she hasnt left her house in 9 years.


I think the main theme of this story was, sometimes you don't want to let go,but you have to. I think this because throughout the book Stargirl is gradually getting over Leo. She still loves him but she likes Perry and she doesnt think about him as much.


The setting, I believe is just present day America. They live in houses that would fit Americas lifestyle. Stargirl just moved here and thats why this settiing makes such an impact on her. She is away from the boy she loves. The setting really makes the whole book possible since she is writing a letter to Leo.


In the book Stargirl likes to meditate throughout the book. She likes to "wash her brain" and "become a new person" I think she does this to help her forget about Leo. She misses him. But i also think she wants to be a better person and that's why I think she wants to meditate too.

Book reccomendation

I would reccomend this book. Its realistic fiction so I think its easy to relate to. Its also very funny. Dootsie is great and the sequence of events is well planned out. In my opinion this is my favorite book. I like it a lot. I think anyone else who reads it would agree.