Agriculture across the World

About Argentina

Argentina is located in South America. The population of Argentina is 42,192,494. It has a presidential representative democratic republic type government. The poverty level is 4.7%. The average household income is 32.3%, & the average family size is decreasing from 3.67. The 3 main religions in Argentina are Muslim, Jewish, and Roman Catholic. The government has not expressed support in principle for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. Argentina has a nationwide telecom infrastructure. Argentina does have a food agency similar to the USDA.

Economy: Advantages & Disadvantages

Some advantages in Argentina it has an upper middle-income economy and Latin America third largest.

Disadvantages are their economy is 43.8


Common crops in Argentina are soybeans, corn, wheat, and sunflower. Common animals in Argentina are llamas, alpacas, jaguars and pumas. Consumed foods are empanadas, pizza, pasta, and fish. Some unoriginal foods would be milanesas, chorizo, fogaza, provaleta. Argentina does farm the same way as the United States and have the same animals.


Argentina's education system is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary is grades 1-6 ages 6-11. Secondary is grades 7-9 ages 12-14. And tertiary grades 10-12 ages 15-17.