Jan. 11~Jan. 15, 2016

Coker Cubs Weekly News

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Reduction of Meetings-Staff Feedback

During the fall semester grade level teams provided feedback in regards to reducing the amount of time spent in meetings. A list of suggestions for change and outcomes as a result are below:

  • All faculty meetings should take place on Wednesdays with one Wednesday per month reserved for team planning. All faculty meetings take place on Wednesdays only unless an emergency arises. When possible, the request for one to be deemed team planning will be honored at the end of each month.
  • Ending faculty meetings at 4:00pm. This will continue to be the goal which reinforces the need for all staff to arrive on time at 3:05pm. The 10 minute block of team time will be moved to the end of the faculty meeting beginning 1/6/2016.
  • Staff members should rotate service on committees as some have fewer responsibilities. Grade level teams determine committee representatives at the end of each year. It is up to the GLC to facilitate this discussion and notify Tiffany of who will serve each year.
  • Committee meetings that land on a holiday should only be rescheduled with 24 hour advance notice to avoid conflicts with tutoring days. Committee chairs have the ability to determine the need to meet monthly (as long as the required number of meetings have been met for those committees that have such requirements). It is the chair's responsibility to notify members of a change.
  • Video tape the teacher presentations that share instructional strategies for viewing at another time. Staff members who are scheduled to present at an upcoming meeting may choose this option as an alternative. Please let Tiffany know if you choose to video tape.
  • Review committee responsibilities. All chairmen are asked to review the responsibilities of your committee at your next meeting.
  • Keep faculty and committee meetings brief. Short and succinct meetings are encouraged. Administrators will share necessary information keeping this in mind. The chairmen are responsible for facilitating discussion items during committee meetings.
  • Covering for others at committee meetings is difficult. All staff members are responsible for the information discussed in each committee meeting; all absences from meetings must be approved in advance by the principal. The meeting notes shall be reviewed and shared with your team upon an approved absence.
  • Consider the reallocation of responsibilities between the Action Team and Outreach Committee. This will be discussed and decided upon at January's GLC meeting.

Other suggestions made by team members require more clarity, further discussion and will be discussed at January's GLC meeting.

APEX Fun Run

If you have not received your APEX Fun Run t-shirt, please pick one up in Regina's office. The Fun Run is scheduled for January 15th.

Monday - 1/11

Robotics Club

Choir Rehearsal

Lighthouse Meeting

Technology Meeting

5th Grade Transition

Girl Scout Troop 1006

Tuesday - 1/12

Coker CIA Rehearsal

AP Churchill Cluster Meeting - Chavez @ Oak Meadow (AM)

Counselor's Meeting - Harris off Campus

Strings Practice

GLC Meeting

Outreach Committee Meeting

Sped Meeting

Wednesday - 1/13


Coker Chorale Practice

KSAT Presentation to 5th Grade

Action Committee Meeting

FAC Meeting

Thursday - 1/14


Coker CIA Rehearsal

Joint Principal's Meeting - Gill @ CLC

Strings Practice

PBS Meeting

Friday - 1/15 (A day)

Beary Good Habits Awards

Leadership Team Meeting

APEX Fun Run!!!

9:10-10:10 2nd & 3rd Grade Run

10:20-11:20 4th & 5th Grade Run

12:15-1:15 Kinder & 1st Grade Run

Counselor Cluster Meeting - Harris & Martinez off campus

Student Council Meeting

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