home of the beutiful niagra falls

Come visit Ontario today!

Ontaria is a beutiful place to go to and is the home of the beutiful niagra falls. There are more than 250,000 lakes located in Ontario! The CN (Canadian National) tower is the biggest freestanding structure in the Western Hemesphere. It stands at 533 meters (1,815 feet) and is only one of the beutiful things you can see. The name Ontario comes from the Iroques and means shining waters or beutiful lakes. Come visit Torento which is the capitol of Ontario.

Fun facts about Ontario


1 of every 3 canadians live in Ontario. Niagra falls located in Onatrio and is 1,000,000 cubic feet! Wow, thats alot. There are so many cool sites to see in Ontario. So come visit Ontario today.

By: Alex Morgan