Room 113 News March 27

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Music COL March 2017

What have we been learning?

Math - Our class is continuing our study of addition and subtraction. We are working on increasingly complex word problems as well as using more sophisticated strategies to add and subtract larger numbers.

Reading - Our nonfiction book clubs were a fun way to practice our social and communication skills. Next we will study Fiction, Folktales, & Fairy Tales

Writing - This week, we will start independent writing projects. Students will choose what they want to write. We will start by immersing ourselves in different types of writing: nonfiction, mystery, reviews, plays, poetry, narrative, and graphic novels. This unit of study will be unique because students will be writing within different genres at the same time while learning skills that writers use regardless of genre or mode.

Science- The class loved learning about wind. Simple kites were so much fun! We will be wrapping up our study of weather this week.