Multilingual Learner News

Important News for Multilingual Learners at Lake Bluff

30 August 2021

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Hello Lake Bluff multilingual families! We at Lake Bluff are so excited to welcome all of our students back into the school building this Wednesday, September 1st, for the first day of school. The bulletin board outside multilingual learner room 206 is shown in the picture above. Lake Bluff is a global community. Our students and their families speak 18 languages! This is just one reason why Lake Bluff is a great place to be.

Here is a reminder of the school hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:15-3:25

Wednesday (early release day): 8:15-2:25

Read on for information about:

  • multilingual learner support
  • parent interpretation and translation rights
  • free lunch
  • the school calendar

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Take care and be safe,

Jennifer Conigliaro

Multilingual Learner (ML) Teacher

Multilingual Learner (ML) Support for September

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At Lake Bluff, students who are new speakers of English receive English instruction and support inside their regular classroom with the classroom teacher and the ML teacher working together. New speakers also receive individual or small group English instruction in the ML room. All other multilingual students receive English support in their regular classroom, with the ML teacher and the classroom teacher working together.

During the first two weeks of school, the ML teacher will be assessing new students, working with classroom teachers to create individual schedules, and communicating individual student plans to families. Regular, scheduled ML instruction and support will begin after September 13th.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about language support for your child.

Parent Rights: Interpretation and Translation Services

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All parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand. When your child enrolls in school, the school will ask you about the language you would like to use when communicating with the school. This helps your school identify your language needs so they can provide an interpreter or translated documents, free of charge.

What you can expect from your school and school district: You are an important part of your child’s education! The school should communicate with you--in your language--about your child’s education. This often includes translated documents and a language interpreter for meetings and conversations.

You have the right to these services even if you speak some English and even if your child can speak or read in English.

To read more about parent translation and interpretation rights, click below:


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This year, school lunch is free for ALL FAMILIES. Your child will have two choices each day for lunch. They will tell their teacher their choice when they arrive at school in the morning.

Students may also bring their own lunch to school if you prefer.


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You can click on this link to see the full school calendar. Each event is labeled as follows:

  • LB = Lake Bluff Elementary School
  • ATW = Atwater Elementary School
  • SIS = Shorewood Intermediate School
  • SHS = Shorewood High School
  • ALL SCHOOLS = applies to all 4 schools in the district

Look for events labelled LB or ALL SCHOOLS for your child.

There is NO SCHOOL on:

  • Monday, 6 September
  • Tuesday, 7 September
  • Thursday, 16 September

We are looking forward to a GREAT and JOYFUL school year! We will see your child this Wednesday, September 1st!

Don't forget, all adults and children will be wearing a mask to help each other to be safe at Lake Bluff.
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