Ghost adventures

by andrew

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quenn mary ship

Zach lead investigator of the ghost adventures crew neck and arian investigate the queen mary ship. The queen mary is a ship that was permanently docked in 1959 and it is the most haunted ship. For this reason this shows that this is a good place to investigate.

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Now they will lock down in the queen Mary till dusk till dawn. But they did a seance before and they found a little girl speaking. And it said “daddy” and “what anger” . and they decided to investigate in there loockdown you say at the first class pool where the little girl jackie haunts.

Lock down

NOW Is there going to investigate and what they find is totally shocking and proves the queen nary is haunted . nick arien debe and zak do an evp and visual sweep . they found a ere figure on there camera. it is so shocking.

Really | Ghost Adventures: RMS Queen Mary - One of the Most Haunted Places on Earth

Lock down

Meanwhile billy and jay are setting up a laser Mich which spirits can talk. When they were using this sports where communicating thru the laser Mich. They caught some compelling stuff. Which they use for evidence to prove the queen may is haunted .


In their investigation they found evidence proving the queen Mary is haunted so i guess case closed for the ghost adventures.