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Week of September 12 - September 16

September 15, 2022

Upcoming Dates

2022-2023 School Calendar

  • Thursday 9/15 *TODAY* We already had School Picture Day for students on Purple & Red Learning Communities. Everyone looked great!
  • Friday 9/16 School Picture Day for students on Green & Blue Learning Communities
  • Wednesday 9/28 Open House at Wentworth, 6-7 PM

We will be conducting virtual K-5 volunteer training this year for anyone interested in helping in our buildings. This is for parents and caregivers, student interns, and community partners. It only takes 15 minutes and will include signing our annual confidentiality agreement digitally. Feel free to log onto Zoom at the following times!

Sept 20 @ 12:30pm
Sept 23 @ 12:30pm

Sept 28 @ 5pm

Join Zoom Meeting: https://scarboroughschools.zoom.us/j/8653207728

Dial by your location

+1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 865 320 7728

Online Forms - Time Sensitive

Click here for information to login, access, and sign school forms in PowerSchool. We have 540 of our forms done with about 125 to go! You can update contact information (including emergency contacts), student profile sheet, authorize student permissions, complete the chromebook care and use guide, and sign off that you have reviewed the Wentworth School Parent and Student Handbook for 2022-23.

Thank you for your support! It is going to be a great year.

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A Message for 5th Graders about BAND!

Welcome to 5th Grade Music. I am very excited to work with your young musician this year.

In the beginning band program, instruction is given on the following instruments: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and bell kit. If a student decides not to play a band instrument they will still participate in music class by playing an Orff xylophone provided for them here at school during class.

Band classes will begin the week of October 3.

Please go to this link for more information about band.

Please fill out the Submit Interest Form and I will send you information about how to rent an instrument and other information about band class this year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at cfletcher@scarboroughschools.org or 730-4695


Chris Fletcher

5th Grade Band Teacher

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Arrival/Dismissal Tips and Reminders 2022-2023

To accommodate the volume of car riders at arrival and dismissal and keep these busy times safe for all, it is important that all users follow the plan at drop off and pick up. Even in these early days, we are finding a rhythm and welcoming and dismissing our nearly 700 students has gone relatively smoothly. Please review the map above if you are unsure where to go on our campus.

The most important and helpful thing you can do is talk with your child in the morning about what their after school plan is. In the first days of school our office staff made 65-80 phone calls home per day because students did not know their after school plan (take the bus? pick up? Mom's house? Dad's house? Daycare? Aftercare?). If you have not yet communicated a weekly plan to your child's teacher, here is a form that you can make a digital copy of and complete electronically to email your child's teacher, or pick up a paper copy in our main office.

Daily Dismissal Change Requests are at a very high volume this fall. Dismissing a building of almost 700 students requires precision! Our goal at the end of each day is to ensure that all students arrive safely at their end of day destination. Parents can help us achieve this by letting us know in writing before 2:00 p.m if there is to be a dismissal change for your child. To ensure that all parties who help us manage dismissal know of the change, we ask that you email the front office at wsoffice@scarboroughschools.org and copy your student’s homeroom teacher.

We do understand that emergencies can happen so if you have a last minute change that needs to occur after 2:00 p.m. please call our front office to let us know at 730-4600. We truly appreciate your help!

Here are some tips that will help keep everyone safe and keep the car rider lanes moving along smoothly and efficiently:

  • At drop off in the morning, please have your child sit on the passenger side of the back seat if possible, so they are able to quickly and safely exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk.
  • At drop off, we use one lane for students exiting the vehicle, the lane closest to the sidewalk. The outside lane is for carefully passing other vehicles to exit if necessary.
  • At pick up, we use two lanes and have all of our staff supporting students to safely enter their vehicle. Staff also direct traffic to exit as efficiently and safely as possible.
  • Please do not park in the drop off/pick up lanes. If you need to enter the school, or if you prefer to walk your child to the playground, or if you need to exit your vehicle for any reason, please park in the parking lot and walk your child to the front arrival area.

We have nearly 700 students, each with a variety of afterschool plans. From loading safely onto 11 different buses covering 54 square miles, to dismissing to aftercare, and escorting car riders to three separate locations, we are able to accomplish this in approximately 10-13 minutes each afternoon. We cannot do this without your help. Your cooperation, cheerfulness and patience is greatly appreciated!

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Upcoming Planned Absence?

Parents & Guardians: Please complete this Planned Absence Form prior to a planned absence. This form can also be found on our website via the following pathway:

Scarboroughschools.org --> Wentworth School Tab --> Parents and Community --> Planned Absence Form

A member of our school office will contact you to confirm the receipt of this information.

The purpose of this form is for a planned absence from school. Lengthy absences will cause a student to miss important class discussions, demonstrations, and activities that cannot be duplicated in makeup sessions. Please know that teachers are not required or expected to prepare assignments prior to the planned absence. Missed work is expected to be made up within 1 week of return to school.

Thank you for your communication and support!

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