Rachael Ray's Career

The everyday life of Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's Bio

Rachael Ray has an amazing career as a culinary chef, a Food Network Star, and a cookbook author. She is one of the most well-known food personalities in the U.S.

Rachael's Career

Where it all started

Rachael Ray’s Professional career started at the candy counter of Macy’s Market place in New York. She was then promoted from the candy counter to being the manager of the fresh foods department.

Food Network star

Rachael has starred in many shows on the Food Network such as, Rachael vs. Guys celebrity cook-off, and Rachael vs. Guy kids cook-off as show below. She also has her own daytime TV show called Rachael Ray. Also shown below.

Cookbook author

Rachael Ray is also a cook book author. She has written over 22 cookbooks. Here are three examples, Rachael Ray's look and cook, The book of burger, and My year and meals. She has also written many more.