Brians winter by Gary Paulsen

Brady wood #26


Brian robeson is a thirteen year old boy when he goes to his dad's house for the summer his pilot has a heart attack. Brian has survived the winter but must survive the winter.brian is very brave and strong and has grown to love the wilderness.

David Smallhorn is a hunter who found Brian .He basiclly found brian to get brian on the supply plane to home and when the supply plane came, Brian was sad to leave the Smallhorns.

The Moose is a very important part to the story because when he saw wolves eat and kill it he didn't want to hunt because he thought is wasn't right.. But when the moose hits brian and knocks him out he realizes the he must hunt to survive.


The theme is that no matter your sircumstances you can fight trough. Brian had to fight the wilderness'es animals , weather, and also it's plants.


The setting is a forrest it has many trees and animals and lots of other threats to Brian safety. I think it is a modern setting probably the early 2000's.this setting was very lonely for Brian as he was the only human in the forest.


The hatchet is definitly symbolizim. The hatchet represent so much more than just a little hatchet symbolism is so that is why I choseThe hatchet for symbolism. It represents Brian's future and past in the Canadian wilderness. It has helped Brian through it all in the wild and has been a key to survival. I'm guessing that this hatchet is the best gift Brian has ever gotten.

Book review

I´ve learned about this book a lot. This book shows you have to do a lot of things and like never give up and less when your life is on the line. I really like adventure stories and even more survival stories. I think it was very interesting how he learned to make his bow stronger so he can hunt easier. Gary paulsen should've made this book because hatchet ended and it wasn't the greatest ending.he should have ended hatchet with brian in the wilderness and then made a sequel this book ended a lot smoother