Heisler's Herald

May 31st, 2016

Important Dates and Information

May 31st- All library books due!

June 1st and 2nd- Cleaning out classroom! Please bring in extra bags for supplies!!

June 3rd- Fun Fest, Report Cards, Last day of school!

Fun Fest

Copy of Fun Fest letter that went home: It seems impossible, but the end of the year is just around the corner. As a fifth grade team, we have decided to throw the students a “Farewell Fun Festival” to be held Friday, June 3. The students will be in charge of creating the games, and the day of the Festival they will rotate for the chance to play their classmates’ games. In order to play the games, students must “pay” in Fun Fest tickets. We began handing out the tickets as we catch students displaying exemplary behavior. They will be able to earn tickets right up until the day of the festival from any teacher, administrator, or staff that works here at Conley.

The students can form groups of 4 or 5 and I will make some plan time available, but the games will need to be constructed outside of school. The games do not need to be complicated, and prizes ARE NOT mandatory. They can be as simple as a piece of candy or returning the ticket(s) that were paid to play. Kids are going to run their own games during the festival, so they may put as much effort into this as they want. The festival is being held the last day of school, so the games need to arrive and depart THAT DAY! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


We will be wrapping up literacy with the End of the Year assessment. This is not for a grade but does help the district analyze our current curriculum.


Today is our last day of math for year. The students took an End of the Year Assessment. This does not go on the student's report cards, however it is used to analyze our current curriculum.


This week we will be dissecting owl pellets to explore the habitats and niches of owls.


Summer Birthdays

Grant 6/16

Nico 6/17

Kenny 6/22

Ally P. 6/27

Sahana 7/6

Adrianna 7/30