Anna and Katie

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is basically nature vs. nurture. In Epigenetics same organisms may have the same DNA or genotype, but a different phenotype because of their surroundings.

Does experience effect DNA?

What careers would be available in this field?

http://www.mpg.de/6943618/Postdoc_molgen <-- this or anything in the science field that deals with genes and the environment or nature vs. nurture.

Is epigenetics an extension or application to Mendel's laws?

Epigenetics in an extension to Mendel's laws because traits are not influences solely by genes, but also your external environment in epigenetics.

What are implications for human health?

Your health can change depending on what your environmental influences are, which is what epigenetics is basically trying to say.

Why is it interesting to you?

It's interesting because genes aren't the only things that affect your traits and scientists don't fully know all of the effects of epigenetics yet.