The Road To Perseverance

People who proved they can make a difference

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability or the strength to get up and keep going every time adversity pushes you down. The ability of perseverance is something that shows that you can overcome anything. If you have perseverance nothing is impossible.

Problem Solution

Losing to Win

Imagine coming home everyday to passed out parents, drugs, alcohol, no light, water or food. This is what it’s like for the students that attend Carroll Academy. Carroll Academy is located in a small town that has an unemployment rate of 12.3% and is below the poverty line by 19.6%. Carroll Academy is located in Pennsylvania. The students that attend Carroll Academy all have something in their life that has taken a left turn. The issue is many of them take drugs, drink alcohol, or have broken the law in some way. The school is almost a rehab center. To help these kids futures, they are either court ordered to attend the school or are sent by their parents.Once the court or the parents believe the student has changed they send them back to regular school. The court usually gives the kids a certain time to change. Parents normally let them switch schools when they believe they have changed.

Some girls in the school struggle with their emotions and problems. So the school developed a basketball team. They call themselves the Lady Jags. The team only has won 6 times in 14 years. They have a losing streak of 280 losses. This team was developed so the girls could channel their emotions or anger into playing the game. They not only teach them to control their emotions on court but throughout life too. A girl that was moving back to regular school was in tears before leaving because she was so happy that they had helped her and she had a new family. The coaches all have a specific goal in mind and that’s to change the girls for the better and that’s exactly what they did.

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Jackie Robinson- Cause and Effect

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Kid President

Robby Novak is best known as ‘Kid President’. He is best known for his YouTube videos on how to “make the world more awesome.” Robby is an energetic and inspiring kid to people all around. He has a goal to not only change his country but to change the world. Sadly, he has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This condition has to do with the bones. The bones in Robby’s body are much weaker than a regular person without the disease. Around 25,000 to 50,000 people have this disease in the US alone. It is a very rare disease but also dangerous. Robby has had over 70 broken bones, while his sister, Lexi, has had over 80 broken bones and 14 surgeries. This disease though, hasn’t stopped Robby from doing what he loves. For example, in all his videos you see this big personality with energy bouncing all over the place. It shows that even though he has a problem he’s finding a way to push through it and be himself. Kid President often says that “We should make the world more awesome!” Keeping that in mind, if we all pitch in we can change the world for the better, side by side.

Compare and Contrast

A Carp Gives a Lesson in Perseverance/ The Sandy Road

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Don’t let your past steal your future. Eleanor Roosevelt surely did not let her past get in her way. Eleanor Roosevelt has shown perseverance throughout her life. She is a role model, who has shown leadership and compassion to all. Born on October 11th 1884, Eleanor was not always considered the most pleasant child to look at. Her own mother used to call her “Granny” while kids at school did the same but with the name “ugly duckling.” He parents had wanted a boy instead of a girl and weren’t able to hide their disappoint. Soon she had two more siblings. They were two boys who were named Elliot and Hall. Eleanor was hardly able to contain her jealousy as both the boys had got her mother’s attention. However, he father had seemed to show sympathy for her. He would play with her when she was younger. Then when Eleanor was six years old, her father left because of his alcohol problem. Eleanor once again was left alone and was sad. Soon her mother started getting severe headaches but nothing proved that she could get better. At eight years old, Eleanor’s mother passed away. A couple of months later, her brother caught diphtheria and he too passed away. She and her younger brother Hall had to move in with their grandmother. After a couple of months another event took place. Her father also, had passed away. In eighteen months, Eleanor had lost more than half her family. Life growing up for Eleanor was not easy living in a dark home. Eleanor was eventually sent to boarding school where she learned to become a women. She learned responsibilities, and what growing up really meant. Soon she left the school, one year after her last and began to help out in her neighborhood. Then she fell in love. On March 17, 1905 she married Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Later on he became President but then was diagnosed with a disease. During this time Eleanor had been giving speeches, helping out the poor, and standing up to racial discrimination. When her husband passed away on April 12, 1945. She didn’t stop doing good things for the world. Eleanor Roosevelt has proven that even though many adversities may stand in the way. Her personality shines bright when she volunteered to give her time and effort into helping others.
We can learn a lot from others overcoming adversity. Isn’t that what has shaped our economy today? If it weren’t for others where would we be? For example, Jackie Robinson, if he hadn’t broke the color barrier, blacks wouldn’t be able to play in other sports. Or Eleanor Roosevelt who proved that you don’t need to be the President’s wife to still be ambitious about helping others and staying in the public eye. These are just two of the thousands of people who changed not just the US but world. Overall, we take on the idea that learning from others mistakes, benefits us. In reality it’s not their mistakes but their perseverance to overcome their mistakes or adversities.
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