Supply Drive for Wildlife Center

We're collecting supplies for Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center

Last Month Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center Saved the Life of a Fawn For Us

We had an orphaned fawn come in and there was no one in the area that could rehabilitate her. We called wildlife rehabilitators, animal hospitals, and wildlife sanctuaries. Finally, someone suggested we call Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center. We did and what we were met with was incredibly compassionate, educated and dedicated staff that didn't hesitate to accept the fawn into their rehabilitation program. Buttons was safe! To show them how much their actions meant to us, we'd like to have a supply drive to say THANK YOU!

Wildlife Supply Drive at McAfee Animal Hospital

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 8am to Saturday, Oct. 12th 2013 at 7:30am

651 Eastport Centre Drive

Valparaiso, IN

Please drop off your donations here. Mention at the front desk that the items are for the supply drive for the wildlife center! If you have large items like lumber or hay to donate, please contact Carrie at to arrange a pick up! Thank you so much in advance!





•hay and straw

•Birdseed, sunflower seeds & cockatiel or parakeet

food for squirrels and birds, woodpecker mix, songbird mix, etc.

•Ears of corn and cracked corn. Acorns, hazelnuts, unsalted peanuts in the shell, walnuts, etc.

•Dog and cat dry food and canned.

Building and Office Supplies

•Rolls of 1/2 inch hardware cloth (wire fencing).

•4' x 4' 's and 2' x 4' 's (treated or untreated).

•Copy and card stock paper, pens markers, T-50 staplers and staples.

•Dog and cat carriers of assorted sizes.

• Hollow logs (for juvenile mammals)

•Paper towels and toilet paper (for bird's nests)

• Faux fur, baby blankets, towels.

• Bleach, laundry soap, and liquid dish soap

•Garbage bags

•Rope-like plant hangers for toys/swings

•Jingle balls (plastic cat or dog toys with metal balls inside)

•Rope/wood bird toys

•Gift cards to Pet stores or Wal Mart

•Gas Cards