A Demonstration of Skill

The Personal Guide to Effectively Preparing a Dental Room

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: N/A

Friday, June 19th, 11:30am

5025 Heatherleigh Avenue

Mississauga, ON

Description and Rationale

Today I will be demonstrating a key duty amongst my responsibilities as a dental assistant at Century City Dental; the preparation of dental rooms before patient use and after sterilization. After a thorough wipe down of all equipment and instruments used during a procedure, a tray with instruments specific to the next patient's treatment, are set up to be used by the next doctor or hygienist.
This task effectively represents a dental assistant’s role in facilitating the dental professionals work. By thoroughly sterilizing all equipment after use and preparing an organized instrument tray, possible health hazards are prevented and procedure time is reduced. Efficiently maintaining what is often a tight schedule while reducing possible health hazards, thus accents a dental assistant’s role as a vital member of the Century City Dental oral health team.

required materials

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step 1:

Wear personal protective equipment including goggles, glasses and a mask.

step 2:

Dispose of any wipes, gauze or wrappings left on the counter appropriately.


Take two disinfecting wipes and place each along the palm of your hand and fingers. To sterilize, first move your dominant hand (wipe face down on the counter) across a surface, while the other follows close behind. This sterilizing strategy ensures a thorough wipe down is completed.


Sterilize counters by starting from one end, then slowly moving to the next all the while disinfecting instruments or utensils (previously used by the dental professional) as seen organized along the countertop.


Sterilize the currently empty instrument tray as well as the chairs, equipment, x-ray buttons, x-ray handle, patient sink, mechanical instrument holders and cord, computer mouse and keypad, overhead lamp and handles and all other instruments or utensils used by the previous dental professional in a procedure.


Dispose of Disinfecting wipes in the available trash can. Dispose of gloves by pinching the first at the wrist, being careful to touch only the outside surface. Pull the glove down and off then form it into a ball and grasp it in the other glove. Insert your thumb under the inside rim of your other hands glove. Push the glove inside out, down onto your fingers and over the already rolled up glove.

Glove Removal and Disposal


Gather all materials.


Place instrument tray on counter with two vertically organized squares positioned on your left hand side.


Place a sheet of two inches by two inches gauze in the top left square of the tray along with approximately 20 centimeters of floss overtop.

STEP 10:

Scoop a small lump of Prophylaxis paste (approximately the size of a dime) using the spatula, into a separate square and corner of the instrument tray. Place the Prophylaxis cup (brush faced down) into the Prophylaxis paste.

STEP 11:

Open the sealed pack of sterilized instruments (indicated by the green circle with an ‘S’ in the middle) and dispose of plastic packaging appropriately.

STEP 12:

Lay the sterilized instruments in the instrument trays largest square. Be organized and it is advised that the Mouth Mirror, Explorer and Perioprobe are separate from the remaining Scalars for easy access as they are frequently used.

STEP 13:

Return completed instrument tray onto its appropriate stand to be used by the next dental professional.

STEP 14:

Return all materials remaining on the counter.
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