My heritage compared to Chapter 12

By: Emma Steen

Chapter 12

The population grew in the United States from 1880-1920. A lot of immigrants came to the United States, if you are a immigrant you were born in another country but you moved to a different county. If you wanted to be a citizen you would have to go through a citizenship process. For a job a lot of men would mine for iron, this was a risky job because depending on how much iron you bring back at the end of the day, determined how much money you got. In 1880-1920 there was a neighborhood called the Bohemian Flats. It was a really crowded neighborhood, houses were right next to each other, they were very small, and a lot of people lived in each house. There would also be some spring time floods which was very common.


Although there are a lot of differences between my heritage and the heritage people had in chapter 12 there still are some similarities. My dad's ancestors were immigrants they came from Norway and Sweden just like a lot of other immigrants. They came on a boat and they went through Elis Island. Most of my dad's ancestors came to have a better life, for a new job, and just to start over. A lot of immigrants came for the same reasons as my dad's ancestors

My heritage

Since my dad was born in the United States and his parents were born in the United States he did not have to go through a citizenship process. My dad works for a financial company so he gets paid from people investing in his company. I think it is a tricky job because you have to get people to like you and like your company. When my dad was a kid he lived in a neighborhood that was not crowded at all. Their houses were small but they were not close to each other, also not a ton of people lived in each house. In my dad's house it was only his dad, his mom, his brother, and him. They also didn't live next to a lot of rivers so they did not get flooding.