The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning For All

Our Mission: Why We Do The Right Thing

The mission of Chula Vista High School, an academic and artistic community that celebrates its traditions, spirit, and diverse culture, is to ensure all students realize their highest aspirations through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • Academic rigor across the curriculum fostering lifelong intellectual curiosity
  • A climate of respect, fairness, equality, and security promoting individual confidence and responsibility
  • A culture of collaboration between school, family, and community
  • A proactive network of student support
  • Exciting, unprecedented opportunities for student involvement
  • Creative and artistic expression
  • State of the Art Technology
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Mary Rose's Schedule (Subject to Change)


Monday, February 15:

President's Day

HOLIDAY: No School

9:15 Bill Walton (Main Attraction to perform)

Tuesday, February 16: GRADES DUE

9:00 CTE Pathways Mtg. @ Office

1:00 Staff Meeting

Wednesday, February 17:

9:00 Asst. Superintendent Ana Maria Alvarez site visit

Thursday, February 18:

9:00 Classroom Visits

10:00 9th & 10th Grade Placement Mtg.

4:00 Technology Task Force Meeting

4:30 Welcome Reception for Dr. Janney, SWC Student Center


7:45 Calendar

12:30 YBS Assembly @ PAC

Saturday, February 20:

8:00 Saturday School (Garnica-Mendoza)

8:00 Cash for College

8:00 District Dance Workshop

6:30 Sadie Hawkins Dance @ Broadway Pier


Monday, February 22: PLC Collaboration

1:30 PI Year 5 Schools Workshop @ PDC

1:39 PLC Collaboration

Tuesday, February 23:

8:00 Strategic Arts Plan Meeting @ VAPA Office

Wednesday, February 24:

8:00 Learning Walks

Thursday, February 25:

9:00 Principals Meeting @ PDC

7:00 Musical: Music Man

Friday, February 26:

7:45 Calendar Meeting

Saturday, February 27:

8:00 Saturday School

Kudos, Transitions, and Thanks

  • Kudos to Alain Garnica-Mendoza who continues to work with our Robotic Team, the Spartanators. The group competed in a tournament at Montgomery High School and advanced to the quarterfinals. Congratulations!
  • Kudos to Sharon Maley and her Theater students! Their Readers Theater, which told the audience what impact the Arts has had on students, moved every single attendee of the Board of Trustess meeting and impressed all. Congratulations!
  • Please welcome Jennifer Schafran to our Spartan Family! She will be teaching English to our 9th graders.
  • Please join me in congratulating Karla Ybanez, our Categorical Office Assistant, who accepted a position at Eastlake High School Learning Center as a Senior Office Assistant. Her last day will be on February 26. Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan! Best wishes!

Principal's Honor Roll

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Three years ago, I dreamed of a full PAC when we honor our outstanding students. Last Monday night, not only was the PAC full, it was overflowing! More than 800 parents, students, and guests squeezed into the PAC to witness the recognition of our students who made it to the Principal's Honor Roll. These are the students who earned a Grade Point Average of 3.5 and above. Parents and guests patiently waited for each student to be called up the stage, clapped for every student, and made way for pictures to be taken.

Many thanks to Joe Lara who organized this grand affair, ably assisted by Leslie McClelland. Many thanks also go to Hilda Bender, DiAnne Cabe, and Jennette Duarte (who did not even miss a beat when I gave her the wrong last name!) for their assistance in handing out certificates and reading the names of those present.

Main Attraction Performs for Bill Walton's Game Time Ready

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Sixteen members of The Main Attraction sang their hearts out and impressed Bill Walton, Hall of Famer and Pro Basketball Legend, when they performed at his home for a segment of his show, Game Time Ready. He regaled an equally impressed group with his stories, took a sincere interest in their futures, encouraged their dreams, recognized their hard work, answered their questions, and indulged in picture-taking fun. According to Mr. Jim Morris, Mr. Bill Walton said that hosting our Main Attraction was one of the best events he ever had at his house. and that his father would have cried if he heard our students' performance. His father committed his life to world peace because he had seen war. At one point, Mr. Walton also said that this was the first school bus that ever entered his street and parked by his house! Our students were really touched by his kind and generous words to them.

Many thanks to Tony Atienza, VMA Director. A big thank you also go to Debbie Nevin and Matt Asano for going with the students, taking pictures, and ensuring technical needs were taken cared of. Our most special thank you to Jim Morris, friend of CVHS, who paved the way for this to happen. And many thanks to Tom Hassey for introducing Jim Morris to CVHS.

Mr. Jim Morris and Mr. Bill Walton pledged a $15,000.00 donation to Main Attraction when they heard about MA's London competition trip. What a great day!

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • How am I building on skills learned first semester to help students be successful second semester?
  • How am I conveying, with clarity, the purpose of the day's lesson, how the day's agenda supports its completion, and the evidence that students need to show for completion/mastery?
  • How am I developing creating opportunities for structured student interaction?
  • How have I planned for possible misconceptions?
  • How am I scaffolding for English Learners and/or Students With Disabilities?
  • How am I grouping my students so that they are helping each other reach their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) as they collaborate?

Tardy Policy: Week Three

As we enter the Fourth week of implementation, we will build the foundation for good habits. We will continue to implement tardy sweeps every period. Please lock your doors after the second bell, whether there is an announcement or not. There will be less announcements. We will inform the students of this so there is no question that EVERY PERIOD IS A TARDY SWEEP.

If you would also be so kind as to continue standing outside your door to encourage students to get to class (especially when the warning bell rings), it would be a great help in sending the message of on time arrival to class.

Thank you for your support and persistence!

Staff Professional Development Dates: Preparing for 2016-17

One of the commitments that I hold is professional development to allow our certificated staff to learn how to plan in the block, strategies to use to teach in the block, and time to apply these new learnings. It was also suggested to allow for staff conversation and planning on further develop a positive school culture for next year. In consultation with several staff leadership groups, here are two dates that certifcated staff can choose from to receive two days of professional development on preparing for next school year:

  • Session I: June 7 & 8 (Tuesday and Thursday); OR
  • Session II: July 14-15 (Thursday and Friday)

The place, times, and complete agenda for this 2-day professional development will be developed in the next several weeks. Yes, we are planning to take staff off-campus for at least one of the days. So we will need some solid numbers for planning.

Please choose the date you will be attending (no mixing of dates, please...) and let Marisol Higareda know by next Friday, February 19, via E-mail. Yes, extra duty will be paid for attending these two days (in case you were wondering...).

Thank you for your participation!

Culture Corner: Transforming Classrooms Through The Power of Building Relationships

With intentional action using these strategies, relationships between students and teachers will become stronger and classrooms can be transformed.

Name Calling Encouraged

Learn your students’ names with 48-72 hours . Use a seating chart from day one and quiz yourself as they are working at their desks. Addressing students by name is respectful and communicates that they are important enough for you to put in the effort to learn and use their names.

For The Common Good

  • STAFF MAILBOXES: Staff mailboxes may contain information that students should not have access to. A gentle reminder that staff are expected to pick up their mail from their mailboxes in the Main Office. Students are NOT to pick up mail. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • CLASS COVERAGE (WE NEED YOU!): There are days when we have more classes that need to be covered due to unforseen illnesses, last-minute sub cancellations, or just a shortage of subs. Thank you to everyone who answers Priscilla's (or our) call for help in covering classes. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • CLASSIFIED ADVISORY COMMITTEE (CAC): We have the following representatives so far: Luz Avila, Garry Cabogason, Lou Rojas, Priscilla Rodriguez, Leslie McClelland, Jose Cobian, and Beatriz Bey. I still need one more each from Cafeteria workers and Instructional Assistants. We will be meeting soon to establish our purpose and protocols. Thank you for your participation.
  • SAFETY CORNER: If you have any concerns about a safety hazard in your work area or anywhere on campus as a result of facilities or furniture, please let our Safety Officer, Alain Garnica-Mendoza, know either by E-mail or by personally telling him.

Rethinking Our Grading Practices