Diving in the bahamas,sounds fun!!!

lets go diving at the daiquiri shack and swim like fish yes!


The adress is w Bay st., Nassau bahamas.

you would have to fly to Lynden Pindling international airport,from stewarts national airport in new york.

Time to leave.....I think?

this place is open 24/7 but not all week. it is open 4 days a week,unless there is a holiday,if it was a holiday,they would be open 6 days a week,and from 3-5 that week only.So, if you were going i would go on a holiday week.i would go during the holiday 4th of july.

you will be begging at your knees to go again!!!

one question most people ask is can we see or pet animals?

yes,it is included in the total cost for diving,it is for 2 hours a day and the total for all is about $35.50

come and play with the animals!!!

We have a little place right next door,to play with sea animals and it is like a petting zoo,no extra cost.if you come from the hours of 2-4,you can see us train the animals so they would be nice or friendly to you when you dive.

some animals are:

  • dolphins
  • turtles
  • crabs
  • starfish
  • fish
  • lobster
  • eel
  • octopus
  • marlins
  • sea monkey
  • mermaids
  • sea horses

The place looks like small place but,inside its amazing!!!It is huge!!!!

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