Bridgett Butt:5th Grade Nightmares

Bridgett Butt has a hard time in school. Her favorite teacher is moving and she is having trouble with making friends at her new school. Not to add on more, she has the worst last name in the whole World!

The main characters in this book are... Bridgett, Karlyn, Miss "W", and mom & dad. Then there is the mean girl... Marci.

Bridgett is picked on by Marci all the time!

One day, Marci got Bridgett's best friend Karlyn to turn on her!

Bridgett was mortified. She had no friends. And her favorite teach was moving! Bridgett was all alone! On top of that all the boys laughed at her name!! Bridgett had a really crappy 5th grade year! Until one day a new student came to her school and they became the best of friends. And they always stayed by each others side's!!